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IT Consultant in mumbai jaibhardwaj.com
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What is web3 ?

What is Web3? Web3 is a term used to describe the next iteration of the internet, one that is built on blockchain technology and is communally controlled by its users. Third time’s the charm? You know that the internet is always growing and changing. But it’s not just websites and platforms that are falling in […]

Everything About Pegasus Spyware

Everything About Pegasus Spyware What is Pegasus? Pegasus is a spyware developed by the Israeli cyber arms firm NSO Group that can be installed on mobile phones running iOS, Android & Blackberry. Pegasus is capable of reading text messages, tracking calls, collecting passwords, location tracking, accessing the target device’s microphone and camera, and harvesting information […]

Best Investment Plan with High Returns in India | 2024

Best Investment Plan with High Returns in India | 2024 What’s Inside Best Investment Plan with High Returns in India Consider Understanding the Impact of Taxes on Investment ReturnsConclusion Invest in High-return Yielding Instruments with ConfidenceFrequently Asked Questions When we think of investment, we often think of traditional investment instruments such as real estate, gold […]
IT Consultant in mumbai jaibhardwaj.com

Learn With me is my attempt to teach basics and those coding techniques to people in short time which took me ages to learn.

Connect with me on social media/ DM Me/ join my private developers group and Ask me your doubt problems and learn with me also get hand hold support in real time live based projects and provide the company environment to develop the software and design website.

Learn Coding with me

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. ~Martin Fowler

Not stisfied with current  situation Wants free potential quality leads  Wants more Social Media  Engagement Stuck in Adapting to Algorithm Changes  SEO Visibility and Competition

You are in real estate business ?

You are professional Fashion Designer ?

Do you invoice your own business ? Play School/Restaurant/Gym/Salon/....

Don't warry We have all Solutions
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card one

Developing a unique value proposition, targeted marketing strategies

Utilize  SEO strategies

Measuring (ROI) for digital marketing efforts

Visual Content Creation

Mobile Optimization


card two

Diversify your digital marketing channels, and adapt New strategies accordingly

Free Lead Generation

E-Commerce Website

Market Analysis

Social Media Engagement


card three

Focus on cost-effective digital marketing strategies

User Friendly Website


Landing Page

Email Marketing (Copy Writing)

Funnel Creation

2X your Revenu with My Just looking Like waoo MSMS

' Magical Science Marketing Strategy Offer '


Web Development Not Worth it, Won’t give me consistent results and Too Expensive.

Social Media Management Takes Me To Long

Find It Time-Consuming To Manage Online Promotion Alongside Other Aspects Of Business

Market Analysis Takes me Long and making brand identities  

Content Creation Too Confusing, Too Expensive

Limited Genuine Leads For Sales

Searching For Free Useful AI

Hiring Expert Costing Too Much  And Requires A Lot Of Skill

How to address

Get Modern Website At One Time Cost Which Gives You Yearly Consistent Result With SEO Friendly And Fully Responsive Mobile Optimize

Get High Social Media Engagement with Regular Posts will be my responsibility.

Need  Your Minimum Time Consuming Process And Personalized Training To Achieve Best This Will Be Learning Journey And Stay Tuned With New Technology

We Will Plan, Analysis Regularly And Keep Track  With Our MSMS

We Will Make And Guide How To Make Modern Content In 15 Mint  With Our Resource And Tools

Get Free 50K Genuine Potential Leads For Free Per Month

Lean And Use Free Ai Tools For Easy

Now Not Need To Hire Expansive We Will Do All And Trained You To. We Are Not Any Third Party services Providing Agency. So you will get all service direct from our hand more faster and at best price and smoothly Quality

" Nothing will work unless you do "

Time is running out on your Free Analyze and special discount – claim it before it's gone!"

MSMS jaibhardwaz.com IT Consultant in mumbai
IT Consultant in mumbai jaibhardwaj.com
IT Consultant in mumbai jaibhardwaj.com
IT Consultant in mumbai jaibhardwaj.com

⏰🥳 12% Off New Year Celebration 12% Off New Year Celebration &#129395 ⏰

Join MSMS for RS- 44999/~

What you will get in this MSMS

deep analyze and Set best solutions clear objectives  key performance indicators (KPIs) and implementation to achieve dream outcome with tracking return on investment (ROI) digital Marketing

User Friendly website, Blogs, SEO geotargeted and community-focused 

social meadia presence on multiple plateforms according to nature of business and target audience regularly update with engaging content


❤️‍🔥 Bonuses- 🤩

  • Multiple E-mail Copywriting “Done-for-you Sales Scripts to Skyrocket your Revenue”  ( RS-3000) – Free
  • website and SEO Management for 1 year  (RS-32000) – Free
  • Membership to  our private investment community “stock-market, cryptocurrency and block-Chain”  (rs-6000)-free
  • Genuine Potential Leads ” More-Leads More-Prospect More-Sales More-Profit ” It Make Fast To Reach D.O  ( Rs- 5000 P/M ) Free
  • AI Tolls And Technology ” Will Make Easier And Save Time In Your Work” (Rs-5000) Free
  • Google My Business Listing (Rs-2000)- Free

All this bonuses and MSMS are designed for you to make your desire on Trusted, cost efficiency and Auto drive and let you focused on your core part of your business for more profit and Quick result while enjoying success journey and keep tracking

Total Bonuses Value !- Rs 48000/~
Price = All Free

Join MSMS for 44999/~

Join MSMS for RS- 39599/~

"A Goal without a plan is just a wish"
"Limited spots available for Discount – join now!"
Free Analyze study and clear Objectives

IT consultant in Mumbai and training international Service

Jaibhardwaz.com as an IT consultant Solution in Mumbai under MSMS Offer,  specialize in providing a one-time cost solution for modern websites that ensure yearly consistent results. Our websites are SEO-friendly, fully responsive, and optimized for mobile devices.

Managing high social media engagement is part of my responsibility, including regular posts to keep your online presence vibrant. I prioritize a streamlined process that minimizes your time commitment, offering personalized training to keep you updated on the latest technologies.

Our approach involves planning, regular analysis, and meticulous tracking through our MSMS system. We guide you in creating modern content efficiently, with resources and tools that enable content creation in just 15 minutes.

To boost your business, we provide 50K genuine potential leads for free every month. We emphasize a lean strategy, utilizing free AI tools for ease and efficiency. You won’t need to hire expensive external services, as we handle everything directly, ensuring faster delivery at the best price with uncompromised quality.

This is not an outsourcing arrangement; all services come directly from our team, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient process. Stay ahead with our learning journey, embracing new technologies without the hassle.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What does jaibhardwaz.com do?

    Jaibhardwaz.com is an IT consultant provides expert advice and assistance to organizations in optimizing their information technology systems and infrastructure. This includes recommending and implementing solutions to improve efficiency, security, and overall affordable IT performance to increase sales , bulding and mantaning brand image, social media optimizatio, Content creation and clame copy writing freelancing website design and development, online presence brand management, IT outsourcing  

  • How can an jaibhardwaz.com benefit my business?

    jaibhardwaz.com can help your business by analyzing current IT practices, identifying areas for improvement, implementing new technologies, and ensuring that your IT infrastructure aligns with your business goals. This can lead to increased productivity, cost savings, and a competitive advantage at best affordable cost. 

  • What types of services do jaibhardwaz.com offer?

    jaibhardwaz.com offer a range of services, Most popular MSMS and including IT strategy development, system and network design, software implementation, cybersecurity assessments, data management, and technology training. 

  • How do I know if my business needs an jaibhardwaz.com?

    If you experience challenges with IT efficiency, security breaches, outdated systems, or if you are planning significant technology changes, hiring an IT consultant may be beneficial. An assessment can help determine specific needs. 

  • Can jaibhardwaz.com provide ongoing support after project completion?

    Yes, many IT consultants offer ongoing support and maintenance services. This ensures that systems continue to function optimally, and they can promptly address any issues that may arise post-implementation. 

  • What is the typical duration of an IT consulting project?

    The duration of an IT consulting project varies based on the complexity of the task. Small projects may take weeks, while larger initiatives could extend for several months. The timeline is often determined in collaboration with the client. 

  • How do jaibhardwaz.com stay updated on the latest technologies?

    jaibhardwaz.com engage in continuous learning, attend industry conferences, participate in training programs, and maintain professional certifications. This allows them to stay current with the latest trends and technologies in the rapidly evolving IT landscape. 

  • How do jaibhardwaz.com charge for their services?

    jaibhardwaz.com may charge hourly rates, project-based fees, or offer retainer agreements. The billing structure depends on the nature of the project and the preferences of both the consultant and the client. 

  • Can jaibhardwaz.com assist with cybersecurity?

    Yes, jaibhardwaz.com often specialize in cybersecurity. They can assess your current security measures, implement new protocols, provide employee training, and ensure compliance with industry regulations to safeguard your digital assets 

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